The Sooke Collection

From 8 months of living in Sooke on Vancouver Island and being out hiking every day in the coastal rainforest i came across some amazing scenery and unforgettable experiences. Anything from a black bear smelling me, to the gathering of bald eagles and playful salmon during the salmon run. Another magical experience i managed to capture is a hummingbird interacting with an owl. I was watching as this hummingbird would dive in, stop and look at the owl and then loop around again and again in front of the owl in a very repetitive pattern giving me the chance to capture an entire sequence of images which i then compiled in one single image.
The coastal rainforests of Vancouver Island is essentially a landscape photographers dream, so i decided very early to go against the grain and focus mostly on close-up imagery from these magical forests and this is the result.
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The Sooke Collection is limited to 15 prints per image.
(Not counting Magazine, poster and postcard prints).
One image is currently one of the Finalists in the worlds largest photo competition and some images in the collection you might have seen in tourism and news agencies like BC parks, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Sooke Tourism, Tourism Victoria, Victoria Buzz, Weekly feature etc…

Attention Sooke & Vancouver Island Residents:

From camera roll to framing, the images are all about the region in which they are taken.
Thats why i have chosen to print locally to ensure locals will get the best prices and the money goes back in to the local economy.
For The Sooke Collection i have partnered up with the The Print Lab, locally owned and operated in Victoria, BC providing “museum quality” prints which stand the test of time.
If you choose to pickup your print locally at their lab you not only get to meet the locals behind the printing process, they will also help you with buying a frame for your print.