Freelance Videographer and Photographer


What I Offer

I offer freelance onsite Photography and Videography services world-wide catered to your needs and budget. My specialty lies in photo and video for tourism, cultural and storytelling imagery with focus on authenticity and sharing real stories. A one stop shop offering a personalized service throughout the project with the intention to understand and incorporate your perspectives. I can offer to do the entire storyboard, filming & taking photos, editing, and finalization on all imagery based on your vision and needs.

Offering freelance videography and photography worldwide delivering authentic images

Traditional Whale Hunters – Indonesia

My Process

When I travel to a new place I focus heavily in forming a connection with locals and building a trust and understanding to better capture authentic images. I am open to working on a variety of different types of projects however my services are geared towards consulting companies, small communities such as First Nations, indigenous communities or any other special interest groups. 


Long distance travel and multi-day stays are not a problem for me. My work flow is very grassroots, I can adapt to local realities and weather easily. It is no problem to multi-task and capture both still photographs and video sequences during the same stay. We can work together to capture headshots of local entrepreneurs/community members / elders, local scenic landscapes / events / festivities, local sights / lodges / hotels – anything you need to fill your website / proposal / brochures / social media / business plans / reports, etc. with authentic high quality local imagery. While on site we can develop a spontanious schedule working around weather and timing for certain people, local gatherings and festivities.


Being based out of the central European location of Stockholm, Sweden with today’s cheap airfares, long distance flights are often on par with domestic flight costs. This means that my travel cost is comparable to that of a domestic freelance videographer and photographer


Due to privacy concerns I cannot share many sample images here. E-mail me at to receive a quote, get any questions answered or to receive more information about my previous projects. Don’t forget to checkout my blog for short stories, images and video from previous onsite visits and more. Some content can be found on clients websites such as and


Offering freelance videography and photography worldwide delivering authentic images

Arctic Char on sea weed – Nunavut, Canada