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(From left to right: Me, random drunk man & the talented photographer & cafe owner Mathew Bejoy.)

Who is Linus?

Born and raised in the archipelago outside of Stockholm, Sweden about 31 years ago and since then i have become a full time travel & curiosity addict.
I make an effort to go local on a global scale by spend time with the locals and seeing for myself what its all about.
I’ve spent about a year and a half in India, witnessed traditional whale hunting and explored blood sacrifice rituals in rural Indonesia, gone into the heart of the jungle in the ‘Indio maiz biologial reserve’ in Nicaragua, drunk the shamanic healing brew Ayahuasca, experienced the healing benefits of a native American sweat lodge in the Canadian prairies. and currently i am focusing my energy on Canada.

My Philosophy

I call it ‘The Shamanic Philosophy’, the notion that the own experience is superior to everything.
I focus more on the backstory and the connection with the subject rather than focusing on results and monetary gains.
Therefor i usually spend alot of time for example hiking in the forest looking for bears rather then use a more conventional approach that might yield better results.
That is also why i have chosen not to do any contracted studio shots, weddings or portraits etc.
My golden rule is; if its not having fun doing it then im not doing it.

My freelance work is centered around my passion for curiosity, learning and travel. Have a look at my freelance page for more information.