On assignment in Cree terroritory of Mistissini, Quebec

Mistissini BMX park

A cree nation redefining cultural tourism

I recently had the opportunity to do some Purpose Driven Photography out
in beautiful Quebec. The Cree nation of Mistissini is currently revamping
their website and launching a hyper-modern tourism strategy together with
Canadian Ecotourism Services.Goose
I was sent there as a part of an effort to build a photo-bank of images capturing local
nature and human activities for both the current and future needs of these projects.
I cant share too much about their plans but i happily share my experience below

A community that invests in itself

Im at a kind of loss for words about this community…
With a community demographic which if i remember correctly states that
60% of the population is under the age of 26 you might assume this
community has some growth issues, but you would be sorely mistaken.
They are such a progressive community.
Kids are literally running around everywhere inducing you with that
feeling of safety you used to feel in your neighbourhood as a kid!
Their choices are endless, some of them are out cycling in the
newly constructed BMX park or enjoying the skate park not too far from it.
Then theres the hockey arena, and the baseball field…
and thats just the classical sports programs.
On top of that you got amazing snowmobiling, fishing and hunting.
You get the picture, this community invests heavily in itself and in a world
that is craving a more local connection they sure are ahead of the game!
Im not sure what they are doing differently but it seems to be working.
Expecting to see more success stories from this community in the future.


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